Hardware Design Service
We have experience designing for a wide range of applications and volumes for numerous vertical markets. We design for form factor, fit and function from the first board, and expect to get working boards from the first cut PCB. We "design for production" and our goal from the start of your project is to get you to full-production easily, quickly, and cost effectively. Our capabilities include:

  • Design of high performance 32-bit processor systems
  • Low power and battery powered designs
  • LCD applications and full custom design
  • PCB design, layout, prototyping and manufacture
  • Full project management through to manufacture of designs in any volume
  • Design for EMC performance
  • Extensive use of advanced packing technology such as BGAs and CSPs

FPGA/ASIC Design Service
We provide a full range of FPGA/ASIC design, integration and support services, from basic design conversions (making obsolete designs reusable), to the design of complete system-level components. We have experience in:

  • Verilog and VHDL RTL coding/simulation
  • Clock speeds to 300MHz
  • Gate counts to one million and beyond
  • Library of in-house developed IP cores
  • Integration of third party IP cores
  • Silicon-on-Programmable-Chip components (FPGA with embedded processor)
  • Integration/support of FPGA/ASIC designs on the target hardware platform
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